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Improve your quality of life with quality medicinal marijuana products from Holistic Alternatives in Woolwich, Maine.

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Holistic Alternatives wants to provide compassionate caring with cannabis for our Woolwich community

We want to be your connection to a better quality of life with quality cannabis medicine. We offer guidance based on your own unique needs and conditions and can guide you to which strains and products might be best for your needs. Our caregiver team stays educated and focused on all the powerful healing benefits marijuana may offer so that we can always support our patients as best we can. Visit our conveniently located, clean, and welcoming shop and browse the wide variety of high-quality medical cannabis products we carry.

Holistic Alternatives can happily assist you in the process of obtaining a medical cannabis card. Contact Us today for help!

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7 Days A Week!

Address: 59 Main St, Woolwich, ME 04579