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Improve your quality of life with quality medicinal marijuana products from Holistic Alternatives in Woolwich, Maine.

Let Holistic Alternatives be your Woolwich, ME connection to nature-based wellness with quality medical marijuana

We carry a wide variety of cannabis products with both THC and CBD options. We carry a range of product options for every comfort level and preferred administration. Come see us, explore our strains, browse our high-quality products and begin your path to wellness today. Our caregiver team cares about our patients, their quality of life, and their needs and is dedicated to supporting their journey with medical marijuana.

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$49, 15 minutes, and 2 days for shipping. This is the recipe for obtaining your Maine medical certification through Holistic Alternatives. Easy and efficient. 

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Read about our mission in the world of health and wellness with cannabis and why we want to be your connection to a better quality of life.


More information about the benefits of cannabis comes to light every day. Nature truly has provided us with a beneficial healing option in this plant.

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Not every patient is the same, not every need is the same, and not every strain or product is the same

We have taken the time to carefully select the cannabis products we carry in our store. We only carry high-quality, clean and safe medicinal marijuana products that we trust to put our name behind. The different strain and product options we carry allow our patients to take full advantage of the best formations of these compounds to directly support their individual conditions and needs.

Please bring a valid photo I.D. and medical cannabis card to purchase cannabis products.

We also proudly carry CBD exclusive products that are available without a medical card.