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Maine Medical Marijuana Concentrates

Cannabis for wellness concentrates 

Maine medical marijuana patients are finding the benefits of using concentrated forms of cannabis. For a long time, smoking was the only means of cannabis consumption. Patients would need to either roll a joint, use a pipe, or use other means to ingest their marijuana. Since the legalization of medical marijuana in Maine, caregivers have found more information on how to make pure and clean cannabis products using cannabis extraction methods. These extraction techniques differ from BHO (butane hash oil), Co2 extraction, and more. The results create Maine medical marijuana products that offer a higher THC dosage. There are also CBD oils, edibles, and other CBD concentrates helping patients achieve their wellness goals. 

Why use concentrates for cannabis consumption? 

Anyone who has eaten a marijuana edible has, believe it or not, experienced using a cannabis concentrate. The idea is to break down the flower of cannabis and, as the name implies, concentrate it down to pure THC and CBD. These are the medical components that react with the cannabinoid receptors in our brains. Medical marijuana patients looking for higher doses of their medical cannabis may benefit significantly from concentrates. Marijuana patients use tinctures as well as capsules containing THC and CBD. Oils have been found highly useful for supportive additions to their existing treatment plans for some of those who suffer from seizures, Parkinson’s, and other neurological symptoms. This condensed cannabis can also make butter to make cookies, brownies, or other treats. Not everyone is the same, and each person has different needs for cannabis support. Concentrates offer patients dealing with intense symptoms a higher dose to achieve their medical needs. 



Cannabis Concentrate

Right from the grinder 

Aside from the many ways cannabis concentrates can provide relief, medical marijuana patients have many more options when looking for pharmaceutical alternatives. Smoking may not be an option for some people. Vaping and edibles can give people peace of mind, knowing they can still find symptom relief from cannabis. 

Everyone that uses a grinder for their cannabis flower has seen Kief. Kief is the powdery substance that stays on the bottoms and sides. This is a basic form of concentrated cannabis. Hash can be made or used to enhance the effects when sprinkled into joints or combined with smoking flower. 

Other methods of marijuana concentrates include BHO or butane hash oil. When butane is a solvent in the extraction process, it makes a variety of products. BHO creates cannabis concentrates that vary in name and consistency. Known for its highly delicate nature, Shatter is a concentrate made from using the BHO extraction method. Patients that suffer from chronic pain, insomnia, and other intense symptoms, may benefit from this highly concentrated marijuana. 

Rosin is another product caregivers are making from Maine medical marijuana. When using extreme heat and pressure to extract the cannabis oils from the raw plant material, the remaining product is rosin. As the temperature rises and more pressure is applied, it presses the pure oils from the plant. Some feel this is the surest way to extract cannabis, but each technique has its advantages. 

Co2 extraction creates an even broader spectrum of cannabis extraction products. Sauce and diamonds are concentrates made using this method. Co2 extraction uses pressure and Co2 to separate cleanly the cannabis flower and leave pure THC. Caregivers and dispensaries in Maine are more and more using this technology for clean cannabis extraction products. 



The days of only having a variety of flower strains at dispensaries and caregiver storefronts are over. CBD oils are an ingredient in making dog treats, salves, gummies, and other edibles. THC dosage in extracts is drastically higher. CBD vapes and edibles have been making an impact on Maine medical marijuana patients. These pure and clean cannabis extraction products give patients options when dealing with intense symptoms. The process of making edibles, or simply enjoying the products made by cannabis caregivers, concentrates are giving patients concentrated forms of medical marijuana for all their wellness needs. 

Holistic Alternatives has a board range of cannabis concentrate products. Stop in and consult with one of our trusted and caring staff members to receive guidance on what might best for you. Every need is unique, and every body is different, having a knowledgeable caregiver by your side during the discovery process is not only helpful but necessary. Let Holistic Alternatives support you!