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Indica Vs Sativa – What’s Right For You?

Where to begin?

Working with the caring and knowledgeable caregivers at Holistic Alternatives is the best first step to finding support and guidance on what might be the best medicinal marijuana strain for your needs. There are a variety of strain options available to meet the needs of a wide range of medicinal cannabis consumers. A big way these strains are organized is by first choosing whether your best fit will be a Sativa leaning strain or an Indica leaning strain. Each direction is typically more supportive for a specific range of symptoms and ailments than the other. Indica vs Sativa are the two main categories of cannabis plants. Medicinal Indica’s are often a favorite for relaxation, or evening use. Medicinal Sativa’s are frequently chosen for their energizing effects and preferred for daytime use. 


Is an Indica the answer for you?

Medicinal Indica leaning strains can offer a wonderful option for evening use and sleep issues, but also may make an excellent choice for those anxiety and pain that disrupts your day. Many find that the right Indica leaning strain is the perfect fit to transition themselves from a long, stress-filled day into a peaceful, relaxed, and content evening before a restorative night’s sleep. At Holistic Alternatives we often recommend Indica leaning strains for evening consumption because Indica leaning strains can bring a deep mind and body relaxation and tension reliever, and may provide some support in falling to sleep and staying asleep. That same deep body relief can also make Indica leaning strains helpful during the day for those who need support with body aches and pains. Indica leaning strains bring along many of the effects that are often classically associated with cannabis consumption.


Is a Sativa your best fit?

Maybe it’s not your evenings that require some additional support, but your days? Sativa leaning strains are often a wonderful option for daytime consumption. Many find that a Sativa leaning strain can bring energy and an uplifted perception to their day. Sativa leaning strains may support a person’s focus, mood, and energy levels. At Holistic Alternatives we often recommend Sativa leaning strains for daytime consumption because of the energizing buzz they can bring to a body and mind – encouraging you to tackle your day. Sativa leaning strains often live more in the head, allowing your body to remain unencumbered and energized. Many report boosted focus, creativity, and bursts in productivity. Sativa leaning strains may be supportive for some who battle depressed feelings, low energy, or poor mood. Often these strains are a great fit for social consumption as well.


Maybe you prefer the best of both worlds!

Some medicinal strains known as Hybrid strains offer a mix of Sativa and Indica strains for a more balanced body and mind effect with sometimes “near perfect” mixes of both calming and uplifting feelings. Medicinal Hybrid strains offer the unique approach of strains that are specifically bred to target a range of effects and benefits. Hybrid strains can allow for a more individualized support than a specific Sativa or Indica option. Hybrid cultivation, along with continued exploration in Sativa and Indica cultivation is a result of the medicinal industry being focused on patient experience, patient need, and the goal of providing the best support possible for a variety of needs and wants. 

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Depend on us to guide you.

Coming to Holistic Alternatives for guidance, knowledge, and support during your exploration into medicinal cannabis strains will allow you to find your best fit more quickly. With our high-quality products, wide variety of wonderful strains, and our caregivers taking the time to listen to your experiences and needs, you are sure to walk away with the right option for you. We are dedicated to our patient’s and will be there every step of the way, from deciding if an Indica leaning strain, Sativa leaning strain, or Hybrid mix is best, to choosing which administration method might be best. The beauty in the world of medical cannabis is the ability to personalize every consumer’s experience and options. Come in to begin today!