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Edibles, Flower, Concentrates – Which Is Right For Me?

Are you interested in the benefits of the cannabis plant, but not sure how to get started? Surely, you have heard a plethora of experiences or effects of different methods of cannabis consumption. For example, the typical couch-melting edible story, the giggle-filled smoking session, or the munchie-inducing concentrate high–there are several outcomes that can stem from varying your cannabis consumption style. Let us guide you through the benefits of each consumption method, and what you can expect from the occasional or frequent switch-up.

Inhalation of Cannabis Flower

There are two main forms of cannabis inhalation, smoking and vaping. While there is little difference between the outcome of the two, there is quite a bit in common between them when it comes to the absorption compounds. When you actively inhale cannabis, whether it be from a joint, a blunt, a bong, a bowl, a vaporizer, or any other smoking apparatus, the active compounds are passed through the lungs. The reason many cannabis consumers prefer the option of smoking is because the time between inhalation and the psychoactive compound hitting your brain is almost immediate, giving you a near-instant high feeling.

Pipes, Bowls, & Bongs

The most commonly used ways of smoking cannabis include pipes or bowls, water pipes or bongs, joints, and blunts. There are several different varieties of each of these options, but they all generally serve the same purpose. Pipes are small, compact, convenient to carry, and easy to use. There is a bowl area at one end of the pipe that you pack with the cannabis flower. On the other end of the pipe there will be a mouth piece. When you draw in through the mouthpiece while lighting the cannabis flower, smoke will travel through the chamber of the pipe and into your mouth for consumption. Water pipes are essentially identical to regular pipes, with the subtle difference of water in the chamber which creates for a smoother experience during inhalation.

Joints & Blunts

Joints and blunts are different from bowls and bongs in that they require a tad bit more preparation before indulging. Joints are rolled either by hand or with a roller, similar to a cigarette. Once rolled, you light one end of the joint and smoke from the other. Joint papers are generally mild with little to no additional chemicals in the wrap. There are many options for flavored joint wraps to choose from if you feel like adding fruity or decadent flavors to your smoking experience. Blunts are a lot like joints, with the main difference being that blunts tend to be a bit larger, contain more cannabis, and are rolled into a cigar paper rather than a rolling paper. To roll a blunt, a cigar is hollowed out and the tobacco is replaced with cannabis flower–or you can buy pre-hollowed cigar wraps to roll blunts into. Much like joint papers, blunt wraps come in many flavors to choose from as well.

Indulging in Cannabis Concentrates

There are a number of ways to indulge in cannabis concentrate options. The biggest difference between cannabis concentrates and cannabis flower is the amount of cannabinoid compounds that are in each inhalation. Concentrates are broken down to contain a stronger dosage of endocannabinoid components than cannabis flower, requiring less substance for the same or a stronger high. If you are not a big fan of the act of smoking, but like the high you achieve from inhaling cannabis, concentrates may be the right option for you! Smoking concentrates involves a device to heat the substance up to right below the point of combustion. When a concentrate reaches this temperature, the active compounds transform into vapor which can be inhaled to achieve the optimum level of elevation.

Electric Rigs & Vaporizers

While you can add concentrates to the tops of bowls and bongs, or even roll them up into a joint or a blunt, the commonly preferred way of indulging in concentrates is by using vaporizers, dab pens, or a dab rig. There are also electric dab rigs such as e-nails and Puffco items that automatically heat up to temperature for a convenient and simple concentrate indulging process. Vaporizers are often used the same way as electric dabbing rigs, automatically heating up to temperature. Vaporizers come in both tabletop and portable versions.

Dab Pens, & Dabbing Rigs

Vapor or dab pens work best when used with oil or distillate concentrates. Typically coming in a pen shape, portable vape pens are made up of a cartridge containing the chosen substance and a battery providing the necessary heat. Dabbing is another term for smoking concentrates out of a glass, ceramic, or titanium rig–often shaped like a bong or water pipe with a nail or banger (used for concentrate) in place of the typical bowl (used for flower). Using a propane or butane torch, you will manually heat up the nail or banger until it is red hot, and then allowing it to cool down to the preferred temperature before placing the concentrate directly onto the hot surface which turns it into vapor for you to inhale.

Consuming Cannabis Edibles

Are you looking for the benefits of consuming cannabis without having to deal with the hassle or effects of tedious preparation or inhaling smoke? Edibles are the options for you! When you indulge in a cannabis infused baked good, gummy, or beverage, the cannabinoids are absorbed into the blood stream through the digestive tract rather then the lungs. The main difference cannabis users see when utilizing cannabis edibles is the time it takes for the onset of effects. While smoking is an almost immediate effect, edibles have a delayed onset–anywhere between 20 minutes up to three hours. Edibles are by far the most convenient consumption method out there, you just eat or drink–and then wait!

Which Cannabis Option Will You Choose?

Whether you are looking for an immediate high, a nice luxury smoke session, or the ease of cannabis edibles–there is something on the market for all cannabis users to indulge in. If you want an immediate high without having to inhale tons of smoke, concentrates are your go-to. If you feel like taking your time and indulging in a relaxing cannabis oasis, you may want to try a nice blunt or a fat joint. If you want to get the benefits of  the cannabis plant without having to smoke, give a nice edible a try! Just remember–if you don’t feel the edible right away, that is NORMAL. Give it up to three hours before you try taking more. Most of all, remember to enjoy!