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CBD vs THC Hemp


CBD is a naturally found chemical in a marijuana plant. It’s been found that it has anxiety-relieving, as well as pain relieving properties. The difference when comparing CBD vs THC hemp is mainly that CBD on its own doesn’t have the psychoactive properties as THC hemp. Some people find that when using CBD the only noticeable side effect is a relaxed calm feeling. Many marijuana strains have a higher CBD percentage than THC. For patients that are dealing with extreme anxiety, chronic pain and other difficult issues, CBD may be extremely helpful for supporting their symptoms. It works with different receptors in your brain and will not cause the same effects as THC. This has been very beneficial when discovering the benefits of a higher CBD dose. Below are a few ways patients can benefit from CBD.




For a very long time smoking marijuana has been the preferred way of consuming it. Recently there have been many discoveries of the components of marijuana that have brought CBD to the front line. There are many strains of cannabis that have a high CBD vs THC hemp ratio. for individuals that prefer smoking these strains are highly recommended, and are available in dispensaries, storefronts, and caregivers across Maine. 


Using a Vape pen or other device can be a great way to enjoy the benefits of CBD. When vaping you are using a concentrated form which can give a higher dose than the previous example of smoking. Vaping can also be a discreet way to use CBD as a medication. Some people have found that it reduces in the smell that is caused when smoking. For others, they find that having a Vape pen available can allow for discretion when needing CBD to help with your symptoms. 


Over the years there has been an incredible advancement in the ways CBD can be consumed. Now because of advanced technology CBD can be found in edible gummy bears, cookies, and flavorless capsules. For individuals that may not be able to consume their CBD through smoking or other ways, edibles are great when it comes to getting the full benefits. 


CBD as a whole, has many versatile, promising, and healthy ways Maine medical marijuana patients have as an option. The various ways it can be consumed, as well as the benefits it has for certain chronic ailments the evidence for CBD use is promising. Some people may not realize but the benefits and healing properties of CBD have dated back into the 1940’s. Overtime into careful trial and error it has become an incredible management tool for Maine medical marijuana patients. 




There are many ways THC dosage has been regulated to fit the needs of Maine marijuana patients. Unlike CBD, THC provides a more psychotropic aspect which causes the “high” full bodied feeling. While THC is a separate chemical compound than CBD they both work with the same receptors in the brain. THC dosage can support a wide variety of elements such as chronic pain, regulating diabetic symptoms, seizures and many more. Typically marijuana plants have a higher concentration of THC to CBD, whereas hemp has a higher CBD ratio. Both are in the same family, sharing very similar characteristics for patients’ needs. 


THC uses the cannabinoid system in your brain causing a euphoric, some find very calming sensation. Many patients take advantage of these effects to help with anxiety, insomnia, and other ailments. Oftentimes, patients find that these effects help them throughout their daily life. There are many different strains that contain high THC dosage that vary from providing a high energetic feeling, to a more relaxed effect. Much like CBD, THC dosage can be consumed in a wide variety of ways such as edibles, smoking, vaping, and oils to name a few. 


Ultimately it depends on the individual patient and the doctor as to CBD vs THC hemp and which is most beneficial for your treatment. THC while having a strong psychotropic effect works just as well and beneficially for your health as Maine CBD. Both being very similar in their chemical makeup, work with the same receptors in your brain to provide a wide variety of symptom support for patients. It’s hard to say who would win in a fight for top dog, but both THC dosage, and Maine CBD have been found to make a difference in people’s overall health and well-being. So when you’re making your choice in finding natural holistic medication, both options should be examined. Oftentimes when working in tandem THC and CBD work wonders.