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Cannabis Edibles


For quite a while now Maine medical marijuana cardholders have had the option to try different ways of consuming their cannabis. Starting off with cookies, brownies and other delicious delights, edibles have really come a long way. Over time the ability to section out doses with the edibles that caregivers or dispensaries offer has changed how people view them. Many people have shared experiences of getting a maximum level of therapeutic value with edibles. Eating your cannabis has a different effect than smoking or vaping. At times (depending on who makes them) an edible can pack a punch so it’s always advised to start slow. 

When making most edible treats, the process starts with making butter with your medical cannabis. You can, however, find premade edible goodies of a wide variety at your local caregiver storefront or Maine dispensary. These include gummies, chocolate bars, lozenges, and even coffee. Each having a certain amount of THC for therapeutic use. One very beneficial aspect to edibles is now there are more CBD edibles available for people that want less of the effects given from a higher THC content. 



Where consuming your edibles doesn’t have much of an odor, making it yourself certainly does. Because of this, many people prefer to buy already made Maine medical marijuana edibles. Many people also may not be able to smoke or make their own cannabis edibles where they live due to the smell it can give off. Smoking marijuana also (like anything) gives off a particular odor very unique to cannabis plants. When smoking, vaping or other combustible means of consuming cannabis can’t be applied, edibles are a great way to medicate in a discrete way. Often an edible doesn’t have an overwhelming or strong smell and it’s usually masked by the other ingredients that go into making them. 



Edibles have a healthy and therapeutic level of THC or CBD depending on the edible and maker of the product. Sometimes they will offer both THC and CBD edibles to get the benefits of both. Let’s say a chocolate bar, for example, there is 100mg of THC in the full bar. Each bar is separated into sections. This allows for a piece to be anywhere from 6-7mg give or take. Doing this helps patients build-up to their personal best therapeutic level for the edibles they’re eating. It’s very easy to take more because the effects may take a little longer to kick in. Edibles have to work into your body in a different way than smoking cannabis. Because of this, your body metabolizes it in a slower fashion. That’s why any respected caregiver will recommend taking a small amount to start than waiting to see how it makes you feel. If after an hour or so goes by and you haven’t felt anything it may be a sign to try the same amount again. It’s a very individual experience so absolutely do what works best for you and see how it feels. 

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With the advances in science and the growth of Maine medical marijuana, edibles are really making waves as a unique option for medicating. More and more people are using them for their treatment needs. It’s a discreet and effective way to be healthy where other means of medicating might not be possible. It’s also a helpful supplement for people who use flowers or extracts in tandem with edibles. Edibles shouldn’t be discouraged or discounted because they may be “stronger” than other means of consuming. Just remember, start slow, enjoy what you’re eating, and it’s up to you to make the choice of edibles that are right for you. Stop into Holistic Alternatives to have access to a trustworthy and knowledgeable caregiver that can walk you through your edibles journey. 

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