Holistic Alternatives believes cannabis is truly nature’s gift for natural-based health and wellness.

Our caregiver team in Woolwich, ME is knowledgeable, caring, and available to our patients for questions, guidance, and educated advice. We work hard to continue to stay as knowledgeable on the benefits of cannabis as possible so we can best serve our patients.

The cannabis plant for nature-based holistic healing

Nature-based holistic healing is not a new trend, it is all based on healing remedies and wellness techniques that began centuries ago. Marijuana is a plant that has been used for its healing and supportive benefits for many centuries. The leaves and flowers of the plant are dried and processed for consumption-originally for smoking, but now can be accessed in a variety of ways beyond traditional methods. There are many plant varieties that lend to different effects, appropriate for both daytime and nighttime use. Different strains can support different conditions and needs.


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Holistic Alternatives believes marijuana provides harmony for healing within

Marijuana is made up of many beneficial compounds and molecules, each with their own unique effects and positive benefits. These compounds work together naturally to form a harmony for healing within your body and mind. You can work with a caring and knowledgeable caregiver who can guide you through the process of which strain and products might be best for you.

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Exclusive CBD options at Holistic Alternatives in Woolwich, ME

We understand not everyone wants a full-spectrum product with the THC compound in their cannabis medicine. Although it is truly possible to utilize full-spectrum products without the “high”, all cannabis consumption should be based on your comfort level. We proudly carry a variety of CBD exclusive products available to all to meet these needs.