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Holistic Alternative’s caregivers believe that cannabis is a powerful and potent gift from nature that supports our healing and overall wellness.

About the company

We have a mission to bring support and healing to our community through the benefits marijuana can provide. Everyone deserves the best quality of life possible and we believe the path to wellness begins with natural and holistic options for healing. Our caregiver team is dedicated to matching the right strain, product, and dose to best support you. We are here with open hearts and open minds to hear how we might best support you. We will take the time to work with you to explore your options.

Medical Cannabis Maine

Quality marijuana medicine for a better quality of life

We are in this business because we truly believe and trust in the healing benefits of cannabis and want to connect those in need to this powerful plant. With so many plant strain varieties and a wide range of products, there is a way for every consumer to access the benefits medical cannabis can provide. Everyone’s path to wellness is different and we are truly devoted to helping our patients discover their unique needs and which medicinal cannabis product might serve them best.

Edible Cannabis Products

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Our caregiver team stays educated so we can always offer the best support possible to our patients. We truly are here to listen, offer advice and help. Achieve the wellness you desire with nature-based healing by meeting with us today to get started.

CBD products are available at Holistic Alternatives without the need for a medical card.

Medicinal cannabis purchases can only be made with a valid photo I.D. and a medical marijuana card. If you are interested in obtaining a medical marijuana card, we can happily assist you in the process if needed.