Holistic Alternatives is your Woolwich, ME cannabis connection to nature-based wellness

We want to help you on your individual path to better health and wellness with the benefits of the medicinal marijuana plant.

Here at Holistic Alternatives, we truly believe in the healing benefits of the marijuana plant and we are dedicated to compassionate caring with cannabis.

Our caregiver team comes together to focus on providing support to our patients on their individual path of wellness, and medical cannabis. We are available to offer guidance and knowledge on which medical cannabis products might be best for your needs.  Not every need is the same and that’s why we offer a variety of marijuana medicine to meet every need. We offer a wide range of strain options to support every need, available in flower, pre-roll, concentrate, topical, and edible forms. We are dedicated to bringing our patients a better quality of life with quality medicinal cannabis.

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We aim to be your community connection to wellness. Our currently available inventory of cannabis flower, pre-roll, concentrate, topicals, edibles and more can be found on our Weedmaps menu.

Quality goodness
Trevor Neptune-Benner
Trevor Neptune-Benner
August 31, 2020.
As my "corner" store, I can appreciate the convenience of a local dispensery that I don't have to travel several towns over for. The staff are always helpful and knowledgeable and willing to take the time to talk me through my purchases without any push to buy "top shelf". I also really enjoy the veteran discount which helps to ease the strain on my budget. The prices, availability, and selection of products and services is SUPER competitive from what I've shopped locally. Really like this store. Can't wait for Maine to finally clear shops for rec. sales so this store can really see some sales! Thanks for everything and keep puffing on!
Dave Cormier
Dave Cormier
August 29, 2020.
Tailored customer service! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Cheryl Hutchins-Swenson
Cheryl Hutchins-Swenson
August 28, 2020.
The bud is great quality and the 500mg blue raspberry drink is amazeballs
Dale Doughty
Dale Doughty
August 24, 2020.
Can never get enough of this place.
Patrick Cushman
Patrick Cushman
August 21, 2020.

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Learn why we choose to approach wellness with the power of cannabis behind us. We strive to be your local connection to quality medicinal marijuana.


Let us connect you to the healing benefits of the cannabis plant with a variety of strains and product options. We have a product for every need.


Curious about cannabis? Learn more about nature’s medicine and the types of products that may best support your wellness. Knowledge is power.

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Customers need a medical cannabis card and a valid photo I.D. card to purchase our marijuana products. Our CBD exclusive products are available to all customers, without the need for a medical card.